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Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Our lab is inviting applications for two fully-funded post-doctoral associate positions.

Position Info:

The position requires involvement in multiple longitudinal and experimental lab-based studies examining the development and impact of attachment bonds and/or autobiographical narrative and identity. The projects cover a diverse range of ages and levels of risk. Of major interest is the role of (1) attachment scripts (i.e. secure base script knowledge) and (2) the coherence of autobiographical narratives in behavior and psychological adjustment.

Candidates must hold (or be close to completing) a Ph.D. in developmental or social psychology, or a related field. Ph.D. holders with a strong publication record, a background in attachment theory, and experience with the Adult Attachment Interview, the Attachment Script Assessment, or narrative coding/natural language processing and computer science more generally are encouraged to apply. Further, statistical expertise, structural equation modeling and analysis of longitudinal data is a plus, as is experience with cross-cultural resea
rch focused on China or East Asia.

If you have any questions, please email
More info can be found on the job posting 


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