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Li, X., Waters, T. E. A., Yang, R., (2021). Father-child and mother child attachment in contemporary urban China. Online paper presentation at Mini-Conference on Father-Child Attachment, Hosted by the Society for Emotion and Attachment Studies and the Special Interest Research Group on Father-Child Attachment Relationships.

Waters, T. E. A., Köber, C., Facompré, C. R., & Fivush, R. (2018, July). The role of maternal reminiscing style in cognitive and socioemotional development: A meta-analysis. Poster to be presented at the biennial meeting of the International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.


Köber, C., Waters, T.E.A., & Simpson, J.E. (June, 2017). How stable are attachment narratives? Paper presented in K. C. McLean & J. M. Adler (Chairs), Repeated narration as a context for examining personality development in emerging adulthood. Association for Research in Personality Conference, Sacramento, USA.


Waters, T. E. A., Martin, J., Facompré, C. R., Lee, Y., Johnson, W., Young, E. S., Shankman, J., Roisman, G. I., & Simpson, J. A. (2018, March). Stability of attachment across early adulthood. Poster presented at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Atlanta, GA.


Facompré, C. R., Bernard, K., & Waters, T. E. A. (2017, April).  Child Maltreatment History Moderates the Effectiveness of Interventions in Preventing Disorganized Attachment: A Meta-Analysis. In K. Valentino (Chair), New Evidence from Relational Interventions for Maltreated Children. Symposium conducted at the meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Austin, TX.


Waters, T. E. A., Facompré, C. R., Dujardin, A., Van de Walle, M., Boldt, L. J., Kochanska, G., & Bosmans, G. (2017, April).  Discontinuity in the Latent Structure of the Secure Base Script: Taxometrics Reveal a Representational Shift in Middle Childhood. In T. E. A. Waters (Chair), The Secure Base Script in Middle Childhood and Early Adolescence: Construction, Organization, and Impacts on Psychopathology. Symposium conducted at the meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Austin, TX.



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