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Former Undergraduate Research Assistant

Jude is graduate of New York University – Abu Dhabi, with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. Her Capstone Project focused on the role of secondary caregiving quality (e.g., nanny care) on child attachment security. Jude completed her Master’s degree in Child and Adolescent Mental Health from UCL; she is interested in working with children who fall outside the scope of typical behavioral and cognitive development.


Former Research Coordinator


Curriculum Vitae: chris-facompre-cv-2017

Chris earned his Master’s in Psychology from Stony Brook University in 2015. He is primarily

interested in the significance of early-caregiving experiences on child development, parental sensitivity, and the emergence of psychopathology. He is working towards a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Stony Brook University, where he hopes to further explore attachment-based cognitions and intervention.



Former Post-doctoral Associate


Curriculum Vitae: chloë-finet-cv-2018


Dr. Chloë Finet received her doctorate in Educational Sciences from the KU Leuven (Belgium) in 2018. As part of her doctorate – performed in collaboration with Leiden University – she studied the development of children who were adopted from China to the Netherlands. Chloë worked as a postdoctoral associate at the New York University Abu Dhabi. She assisted in longitudinal research on the development of attachment representations over time and on the associations between these representations and later adjustment.


Former Undergraduate Research Assistant

Brian is a graduate of New York University – Abu Dhabi, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Psychology and Interactive Media. He worked as a research assistant studying the thematic coherence of autobiographical narrative. Brian hopes to pursue his interests in clinical, social, or industrial psychology.


Former Post-doctoral Associate


Curriculum Vitae: christin-köber-cv-2017

Dr. Köber earned her doctorate in Developmental Psychology at Goethe University in Frankfurt, working on the longitudinal study “MainLife” guided by Professor Tilmann Habermas. Dr. Köber is now an assistant professor in Psychology at Zayed University. She is primarily interested in the cognitive and narrative processes which people employ to remember and share their past and to derive insights in their own personality and identity development throughout the life span.



Former Undergraduate Research Assistant

Aravind is a NYUAD graduate majoring in psychology, with a specialization in philosophy and political science. His interests include studying developmental cognition to better understand theories of the mind, language development, and time perception. In his free time, he enjoys skateboarding and juggling. 


Former Research Assistant

Yoojin earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology from NYU – Abu Dhabi in 2017. Her primary interests lie in the origin and development of resilience in individuals. She pursued her J.D. at NYU, where she incorporated her background in Psychology with law to advocate for restorative justice. She hopes to raise awareness of human resilience in the legal system.


Former Undergraduate Research Assistant

Sangeetha completed her Bachelor's degree in Psychology at New York University – Abu Dhabi. She conducted research for her Capstone Project on autobiographical memories and narrative identity, looking more specifically into the impact of cultural orientation on memories. Sangeetha hopes to pursue her Ph.D in Organizational Psychology, working specifically with issues relating to multiculturalism at the work place.



Former Undergraduate Research Assistant

Simran graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with minors in Literature and Child Development and Social Intervention from New York University Abu Dhabi. Her Capstone Project explored the relationship between the coherence of autobiographical memories,  and listener feedback. Simran completed her M.Sc. at the University of Oxford in Child Development and Education. In the future, Simran hopes to pursue her interests in education and child development to reform schooling systems in her home country, Jamaica



Former Undergraduate Research Assistant

Boglarka Ori is Bachelor in Psychology graduate. Her capstone project aimed to investigate and is interested in the stability of maternal sensitivity over a long period of time. More importantly, the project is focused on how maternal depression influences the stability of maternal sensitivity


Former Undergraduate Research Assistant

Rida graduated from NYUAD with a double-majors in Psychology and Literature. She is currently interested in the autobiographical life-narratives of refugees and their relation to the self. Rida plans to incorporate current perspectives in Psychology toward a career in Special Needs Education.

Picture - MaryJaneArneaud.jpg


Former Post-Doctoral Associate

Mary earned her doctorate in Developmental Psychology from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus in 2018.  For her thesis, she used qualitative and quantitative methods to empirically and theoretically explore ethnic and personal identity development in Fiji and Trinidad. More recently, during the fall semester of 2019, she was a visiting research fellow at the American Institute for Economic Research. Among her research interests is exploring whether sharing autobiographical memories can be used as an intervention to increase social wellbeing (e.g., trust) among individuals who have a strong sense of ethnic identity.   



Former Capstone Student

Anna is a senior at New York University Abu Dhabi majoring in psychology with a minor in anthropology. She is interested in the relationship between children's attachment experience and their mental health later in life. Her capstone examines longitudinal associations between attachment and psychopathology, specifically observed depression symptoms and self-reported NSSI behaviour in middle adolescence.

Zaina image.jpg


Former Capstone Student

Zaina is a senior at New York University Abu Dhabi and is majoring in Psychology along with a minor in Visual Arts. She is passionate about volunteering with children with special needs and hopes to further explore developmental and educational psychology in the future. Her Capstone Project focuses on the role of lawful change - how significant life events (both positive and negative) can cause changes in attachment security in early and late adulthood. 

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Former Post-Graduate Training Program Researcher

Sofia is an undergraduate student at New York University Abu Dhabi studying Psychology with minors in Political Science and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies. Her Capstone Project examines how adult attachment patterns inform attitudes toward abortion policy, as mediated by empathy. She ultimately aspires towards a position as a child and adolescent clinical psychologist at a university hospital, wherein she can serve clinically and conduct research on attachment-based interventions and youth psychopathology.

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