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The Representations of Early Experiences Lab (REEL) is a research group based in the Department of Psychology in the Division of Science at New York University – Abu Dhabi. Our lab primarily focuses on the developmental and cognitive mechanisms that account for the enduring effects of early experience across the lifespan.

Led by Dr. Waters (Associate Professor of Psychology at NYU Abu Dhabi), our lab combines a diverse cohort of academics with backgrounds in multiple areas of child development.


Latest Projects & Collaborations

Narrative Identity Study

This multi-site longitudinal study examines stability and change in the autobiographical narratives of emerging adults. We are especially interested in the functions these narratives serve (self, social, and directive). In addition, we hope to examine the role of culture and social construction of meaning in narrative identity.

Nanjing MetroBaby Study

A 10-year longitudinal study of child development in Urban China lead by an interdisciplinary group of researchers across the three NYU global sites (New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai). Our lab is currently examining the development of secure attachment in middle childhood, including the influences of early care giving, peer relationships, and teachers.

Attachment Secondary Processing and Analysis Network (ASPAN) Study 

A multi-site longitudinal project examining the development of secure base script knowledge from infancy through late adolescence; in particular, the antecedents of this script knowledge as well as transmission onto the next generation. Our work in the project focuses on coding and assessing the secure base script content within Adult Attachment Interviews.

Taking Notes
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